Melissa (stardustnprison) wrote in pimpmycommunity,

Psychic student community

psychicstudents is a community that I created for the purposes of learning and teaching everything and anything having to do with psychic phenomena. Its great for people of all levels and even for the person that just wants to know more about it. There will be interesting posts on a wide variety of psychic topics including but not limited to: paranormal experiences, astral travel, mediumship in all forms, psychometry (learning how to pick up info off of objects), remote viewing (clairvoyantly viewing a place you've never been to), astral projection, lucid dreaming, and a lot more. It'll be a safe place to practice psychic readings with other members if you so choose. And most of all, it'll be a place for likeminded people to gather and just have fun. Hope to see you there!
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